Additional Care and Treatments

Waldrop Chiropractic & Wellness provides natural and positive relief for acute and chronic pain, while also focusing our attention on our patients’ nutritional wellness, to Starkville, MS and surrounding areas. Dr. Waldrop provides comprehensive and individualized care, specifically tailored to each patient’s needs, making Waldrop Chiropractic & Wellness a solution for any age and any condition. Waldrop Chiropractic & Wellness care provides options for:

  • Natural relief for chronic pain
  • Spine and disc problems – uneven or disc disorders causing discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Scoliosis treatment – a medical condition where the spine “curves,” which can cause discomfort and poor posture. We use SpineCor® for scoliosis treatment, a dynamic bracing system to improve symptoms of scoliosis
  • Nutritional wellness care – providing specific supplements tailored to the needs of our patients

We use only the best companies to assist our patients needs, including Apex Energetics, Metagenics, Numedica, and Standard Process for our nutritional supplements and Clinical Biomechanics of Posture for our back and pain relief.




Health Problems and Conditions treated include:

◦    Low Back  Pain
◦    Disc Problems
◦    Fibromyalgia
◦    Headaches/Migraines
◦    Wellness Care
◦    Sports Injuries

◦    Numbness in Hands and Arms
◦    Pinched Nerves
◦    Sciatica
◦    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
◦    Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain
◦    Scoliosis

◦    Painful Joints
◦    Hip & Leg Pain
◦    Foot & Ankle Pain
◦    TMJ Dysfunction
◦    Dizziness/Vertigo
◦    Automobile Accident Injuries